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Weekend Status for Whatsapp


  • Sunday is my official LAZY DAY…


  • A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.

  • Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.


  • You had all weekend to do your homework! Um, sorry I have a life.


  • No homework = Perfect weekend!


  • Dear Weekend, I Love You.


  • Hello weekend, i have missed you.


  • Dear Weekend, stay here with me forever.


  • The worst about the weekend?? The ending part.


  • click ‘like’ if u r already waiting for next weekend.


  • I wish life had a ‘rewind-the-weekend’ button


  • The first five days after the weekend are always the toughest.


  • Sunday already, now where is the weekend remote so I can hit the rewind button.


  • Three of the worst words to hear……’Tomorrow is Monday’.

  • I wish I could just stay in bed until the Weekend.


  • Dear Weekend, I’ve missed you..Welcome back.


  • Dear weekend, I can’t wait to see you again.




  • I gave my boyfriend a glue stick instead of a Chapstick last weekend, and he’s still not talking to me!


  • Teacher: You had all weekend to do you homework! Me: Uhm, sorry but I have a life.


  • There aren’t enough days in the weekend.


  • Searching for the remote to rewind the weekend! Sunday always comes so fast & Monday is now closing in.


  • It’s Sunday night, the end of the weekend. I don’t want to go to bed, cause when I wake up it will be Monday and the weekend’s over.


  • The worst about the Weekend? The ending part.


  • I love the weekend, but it always ends so quickly.


  • Alcohol is never the answer. Unless someone asked me, “What are you doing this weekend?”


  • Thinks Sunday should be 48 hours instead of the usual 24, so we have more time to prepare for Monday.


  • It doesn’t have to be Sunday to Praise God.God loves us everyday!


  • I love the weekend, but it always ends so quickly.


  • Working for the weekend, like everybody.


  • I don’t make enough money to go on vacation, so I’m just going to get grunk this weekend until I don’t know where I am.


  • My girlfriend said we can’t hang out this Weekend because she doesn’t exist.


  • Dear Weekend, stay here with me forever.


  • Dear Weekend, I always want to be with you. Please don’t let the weekdays take you away from me. Yours forever, Me.


  • You had all weekend to do your homework! Um, sorry I have a life.


  • The first five days after the Weekend are always the toughest.


  • Working for the Weekend, like everybody.


  • Nothing changes a Facebook relationship status faster than a weekend full of tagged photos!


  • Studies have shown that people feel better and are physically healthier during the weekend.


  • Wishes that Sundays came with a pause button!


  • A Sunday school is a prison in which children do penance for the evil conscience of their parents.

  • Monday comes Saturday ends and somewhere in between i realized i slept the weekend away. 🙂
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